How We Make It Easy!

Here’s what Peter's Way travel professionals do, just for you!

Peter Bahou Elias Bahou

Peter E. Bahou, President
Elias P. Bahou, Director of Sales & Marketing

  • Professional Itinerary Planning - We give you suggestions for a custom itinerary based on our most successful programs and provide estimated quotes at no cost or obligation.
  • Group Leaders Travel Free! It’s that simple. To include additional complimentary packages is as easy as making a request.
  • Tour Management at Home – A specialized Group Manager, trained to oversee all the details of your tour, will be assigned to work exclusively with you up until the day of your departure.
  • Risk-Free Travel – If your group cancels all arrangements up to 130 days prior to departure, Peter's Way refunds every member of your group in full.
  • Worry-Free Travel – We handle everything from planning, logistics, care for your travelers, while maintaining communication with our local partners abroad until you and your group return safely home.
  • Subsidized Inspection Tours – For group leaders who wish to experience one of our tours to any destination, the subsidized cost to you is fully refundable when you return with your group.
  • Creative Fundraising – Need assistance raising money to cover the cost of your tour? Ask about our fundraising ideas, proven successful for schools, churches, and local community groups.
  • Guaranteed Rates – Your travelers will know what arrangements are confirmed when they commit to a Peter’s Way tour. Your rates are guaranteed because we pay airline and hotel deposits on your behalf!
  • Professionally Designed Tour Brochures – We support your promotional efforts throughout the selling period, and your tour brochures are FREE!
  • Advertising Support – We can provide high quality promotional materials created at no additional cost (ad design, flyers, poster design and concert program printing).
  • We Come To You! On-site presentations by a Peter’s Way travel professional can be arranged once your group is confirmed for travel.
  • Tour Management Abroad – A professional licensed multi-lingual tour manager will accompany you throughout your choir tour/pilgrimage.
  • World-Class Performance Venues – Approvals and confirmations are obtained in advance.
  • Enthusiastic Audiences – Our successful concert promotion draws large audiences who will share their appreciation for your music!
  • Masses and Prayer Services – Locations and times are confirmed prior to departure.
  • Customer Support – Peter’s Way in-house staff handles phone inquiries, individual requests, email correspondence, payments and billing with your group members.
  • Easy 2-Payment Plan – We require a $350 deposit, per person to enroll. The tour balance is due 100-130 prior to departure.
  • Distinguished Clients – We are happy to provide you with references from among a long list of leaders we service.