The Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA)

How to Support Those Suffering in the Holy Land

CNEWAOur heartfelt prayers are with all of those affected by the violence in Israel and Palestine. As we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, there is more that we can do to help all of the innocent people caught in the middle of this conflict. The Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA) is on the ground in the Holy Land, at work to support those most in need. Prayerfully consider making a gift to CNEWA to support their work in providing aid to those affected by this conflict.

"For nearly one hundred years CNEWA has walked side by side with those in need. We have prayed with them when they were attacked, comforted them when they grieved, fed them when they hungered, bandaged them when they bled, sheltered them when they had no place to call home. We invoke the powerful intercession and protection of Our Lady, mother of us all. May all faiths find a home in Jerusalem!"

Msgr. Peter I. Vaccari President, CNEWA & Pontifical Mission