Pilgrimage to France

  • Pilgrimage to France
  • Pilgrimage to France
  • Pilgrimage to France
  • Pilgrimage to France
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9-Day Pilgrimage to France

Led by Fr. Thomas More Garrett, O.P., Friend and Supporter of MAGNIFICAT Magazine

Tour Dates: June 27–July 5, 2020

Madonna of the Magnificat, Pilgrimage to FranceWe invite you to join the MAGNIFICAT family on a special 9-day pilgrimage to France! Founded by Pierre-Marie Dumont in France in 1992, MAGNIFICAT promotes a culture of encounter with Jesus Christ, with his Blessed Mother, with his Church, with his saints, and with all people. How better to facilitate these encounters than by taking a pilgrimage to Christianity’s most sacred spaces?

A MAGNIFICAT pilgrimage is truly unique! Why?

Because MAGNIFICAT offers you unique content and access to sites and people. In addition to praying and attending Mass daily as a MAGNIFICAT family in majestic cathedrals and holy places, you will be introduced to lectio divina, have time for Adoration, take in intimate concerts and private art tours, meet local pastors and religious communities all while enjoying the most beautiful and must-see sites.

Fr. Thomas More Garrett, O.P.A source of inspiration to the Church for centuries, France is currently experiencing a profound renewal of the Catholic Faith, making this a great time to visit this land of saints, kings, and martyrs. Explore centuries-old sites of monastic spirituality, and witness its revival firsthand as you converse and pray with priests, brothers, and nuns in each location.

Witness the exciting spiritual renewal spreading throughout France! Immerse yourself in the awesome beauty that France has to offer and experience firsthand the unique community created by people who read and pray with MAGNIFICAT. I hope you will prayerfully consider joining Fr. Thomas More Garrett, O.P., Associate Vice President-Associate General Counsel of Providence College and a longtime friend of MAGNIFICAT.

Romain Lizé
President of MAGNIFICAT, USA

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